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"Amber has been an integral member of the Day Hospice multidisciplinary team. Amber's specialist skills and intuitive insight proved invaluable". 


Along with a colleague, Amber has been the main trainer and facilitator of the award winning ‘Feel Well Live Well' programme and has been instrumental in its development, creating a course that offers improved resilience and self awareness for all.  

 Her ability to champion self-care for employees is admirable and her attributes have enabled many employees to work towards positive change in their lives".

Kent Police

"I was extremely lucky to have been introduced to Amber a couple of years ago at a Breast Care Group. I found myself totally in awe of her presence in the room immediately. Amber has the most amazing kind, calm and peaceful nature that shines through as soon as you meet her. Not to mention her wealth of knowledge, experience and I believe undoubtedly, a natural gift! I would highly recommend anyone reaching out just to be able to say that you have met this amazing lady, even if you don’t feel you need to. Trust me you will be thrilled that you have".

"Amber was a great help to the members of a support group which was set up as part of the mastectomy service I provided in my shop.  I supplied and fitted post operative bras for women having gone though breast cancer and Amber attended the group from the beginning to help our members to develop some tools and techniques to help with their mental health and wellbeing and to manage the anxiety surrounding diagnosis and self image.  

She immediately put the group at ease and was warm, empathic and reassuring.  Through talking and mindfulness exercises Amber made the women feel able to talk openly amongst themselves, helping each other and knowing it was in complete confidentiality.

All those who attended left with strategies to help them manage their anxieties better and many feeling bonded with the other women going through the same situation.

 cant recommend Amber enough for the difference she made to all those who attended, in such a short space of time".

"I attended the Stress Buster Group after a year of living with extreme stress and anxiety which was affecting both my physical and mental health.  Joining this small, friendly and supportive group, facilitated by Amber really helped, in fact I would say saved me. Amber is caring, professional and so knowledgeable and the weekly meetings helped us all to develop strategies like mindfulness and breathing exercises, as well as provide an awareness of how life can be very stressful and can cause both physical and mental damage. Just six weeks on the course I realised how much calmer and aware of the triggers that can make me spiral and I feel I now have the tools to manage it. Amber as many courses to offer and I can't wait to attend more to continue to grow and learn".





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